Introduction: 2/26

Our first meeting! Thank you to everyone who came.

At the start of the meeting, Elias and Russell introduced the mission and framework of the Futures Mile High organization. Following, participants engaged in two networking exercises regarding our campus culture. The networking activities began with a speed dating exercise with guided prompts regarding student life at DU. Following, we broke off into small groups to engage in a guided discussion about three categories of campus culture at DU; Hookup Culture, Drug/Party Culture, and “DU, Denver, and Diversity.” Each group was given a bowl that contained 30 questions each pertaining to one of the three categories, they would pick one question at random and discuss it for no set time limit. Following, we came together and discussed our key takeaways from the activity.

The meeting closed with an open dialogue about the types of justice initiatives that the DU student body and Futures members would like to pursue. This is because one of the main principles of Futures Mile High is to give students the power to drive the direction of the organization and our future.

Once again, thank you to everyone who came! More details regarding upcoming meetings will be posted both on our website and social media (@futuresmilehigh).

p.s. Don’t forget to apply for e-board positions!