Rock the Vote

In an effort to encourage all people – college student or not – to vote this election cycle, we have partnered with Rock the Vote. Through the form, you can check your registration status, or if you haven’t yet, register for the first time.

In the Wake of George Floyd

Three years ago, I wrote an article for my high school newspaper, focusing on the history and prevalence of racism in Kansas City. It was concentrated especially on housing and employment discrimination along neighborhood lines, but I also focused on the role of police in upholding these unjust practices. No …

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Open House: 3/11

Are you or someone you know interested in having a leadership position at Futures Mile High? Then come to our open house! This coming Wednesday, March 11th, Russell and Elias will be in AAC 392 from 6-9:30 PM conducting open house interviews/answering questions for anyone that may be interested in …

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Introduction: 2/26

Our first meeting! Thank you to everyone who came. At the start of the meeting, Elias and Russell introduced the mission and framework of the Futures Mile High organization. Following, participants engaged in two networking exercises regarding our campus culture. The networking activities began with a speed dating exercise with …

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